Acai Berry Products

Zing Bowl is specialized in Açai Products, connected to the best producers, and committed to bringing every new trend that we identify in the Açai market. We then add value to our products by sharing our knowledge with our clients. We will bring a new business model for your store and train your staff on how to serve Acai Bowls and smoothies.

Pure Unsweetened Organic Açaí Puree

Our pure Açaí is the healthiest option out of the whole line of products. It contains 0 sugar and has 12% to 14% of raw organic acai. Super dark and pure, makes it one of the best in the market. We offer different packaging formats to suit your needs.

This solution is designed for companies that want a high-quality Acai product, but still choose to prepare their own recipe.

Acai Mix for Soft Serve Machines

Our Acai mix is made for soft serve machines. This solution requires no blending and no labor dedicated to recipe preparation.

Like the pure Acai, it is not processed as a Sorbet, saving all nutrients contained in the Acai.

This solution is designed for companies that choose a high-quality Acai product combined with a fast and efficient business model.

Acai Sorbet

Our Acai Sorbet is perfect to scoop or blend to prepare Acai Bowls. 

This solution is designed for companies that will not work with a Soft Serve Machine. While it can be scooped and served, it still brings the texture and flavor of an authentic Acai Bowl!

Cooking and Snacks

Our second largest product line is derived from the Cassava root. In Brazil Cassava is the base  for many dishes that are largely consumed in the country. It's a great substitute for bread, being gluten free and a good pre-workout carbo. We are committed to bringing Brazilian traditional meals prepared with cassava into the U.S. and educating local american communities and how to prepare and enjoy this super food.

Gluten-free Tapioca (Cassava Starch)

Tapioca is 100% natural, free of gluten, sodium, preservatives and lactose. It's ready to cook and tastes great with all fillings. It’s already hydrated and goes from the package to the pan!

Gluten-free Deli Dice

Deli Dice is a great gluten-free snack made with Tapioca Flour and Brazilian Coalho Cheese. It can be served plain or with sauces. Pepper jelly and guava puree are our favorite ones.

Natural Fruit Juices
Villa Piva

Villa Piva Juices are 100% natural and made with -approximately- 2kg of fresh fruit per liter, without adding artificial ingredients like preservatives and sugar. We offer six flavours that come in 10.1oz or 1L bottles.


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