Lagoa, Rio de Janeiro

About us

Our Roots

 We've spent most of our lives in Rio de Janeiro, a city rich in sports, music, beautiful nature and delicious food. We also lived in Recife, a place with unique food and happiness, plenty of music, art and dance. Zing Bowl was  founded in July 2016 as a compilation of some of the great things we've learned. The ones we believe that can bring positive results to your life.

Our Goal

We aim at offering you a uniquely pleasant environment to enjoy healthy energetic meals. We will pursue to serve 100% organic food, with no preservatives. The products we represent can be found in supermarkets, restaurants and juice bars. Through our online store, we are also selling directly to end customers, offering doorstep delivery.

Our Sources

Açaí, one of our major products, comes from Brazil's Amazon Forest. Our tapioca, also sourced from Brazil, is unique in the USA and is free of preservatives. All other products, including nuts, fruits, vegetables and spices, are sourced from local farmers.

Our Recipes

At our kiosks and also at catering events we are bringing incredible recipes to your table, some of the ones we learned with our families and never got out of our minds. Our dishes are very popular in Brazil, but we have put our thoughts together to make amazing new combinations that will surprise you. From Juices and Smoothies to our Brazilian style gourmet sauces we will provide delicious, healthy, energetic and unique meals.

Our Founder

Alex is passionate about sports since he was a kid. When he was 5 years old his parents moved to the United States, where he started to participate in Bicycle Cross competitions in New Jersey and won the 8th place in the world competition in Indianapolis. From 10 to 15 years old, back to Brazil, he played the official indoor soccer league for Flamengo, the largest team in Brazil.

He has 20+ years of experience in the financial sector and holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from PUC-RJ, an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management, an MBA in Finance from IBMEC-RJ and an MBA in Business Administration from COPPE-RJ. 

After a few cancer cases in his family, Alex decided to combine his passion for sports with his mission to eat clean. He is now motivated to use his knowledge and work for a sustainable food chain that can improve people’s lives and bring a safer environment. Zing Bowl was founded as a new and unique option for people who want to enjoy a tasty and clean meal.